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  • Drawn To Business   How To Build A Thriving Design Firm

Introducing our Drawn to Business – Graphic Design Business Supplemental PDF Content

Become the greatest design firm you can be with Drawn to Business, a transparent look at how Go Media and other top firms built their business from the ground up. Learn to increase profits while doing the work you love.

William Beachy, President of Go Media and author of Drawn to Business, offers continuing advice to entrepreneurs wishing to start their own million dollar graphic design business. In this supplemental material, Bill offers a total of 20 PDFs and templates for your usage. The topics addressed include:

  • 7 Tips on Landing Big Clients
  • Drawn to Business in a Nutshell
  • How to Hire a Rockstar Staff
  • Warm and Fuzzy Email Templates
  • Legal and Accounting for Laymen
  • 11 Legal and Accounting Steps
  • Suggested Reading and Apps
  • 11 Ways to Grow Your Design Firm
  • Contributor Survey Results and Charts
  • How to Make More Money
  • How to Make Sure You Get Paid
  • Become a Better Negotiator
  • Design Firm Pricing Chart
  • How to Choose the Right Partner
  • Design Process Optimizer
  • Designer and Developer Metrics
  • Project Manager Metrics Template
  • Monthly Report Template
  • Proposal Template
  • Income and Expenses Template

* Please note, Drawn to Business (the ebook), is not included with this download. You may purchase the ebookBusiness Plan Workbook and/or the supplemental video content on the Arsenal as well, or head straight to the Drawn to Business website to purchase one of our packages.


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