Drawn to Business: Design Firm Business Plan Workbook

Design Firm Business Plan

Introducing the Drawn to Business: Design Firm Business Plan Workbook

Become the greatest design firm you can be with Drawn to Business, a transparent look at how Go Media and other top firms built their business from the ground up. Learn to increase profits while doing the work you love.

Writing a plan is a great way to get your brain to start thinking about all aspects of your business. If you don’t write a business plan, it might not occur to you to consider how much money you have to pay to Social Security as part of your payroll and you might not consider what will happen if your company scales up quickly. Maybe your office is only big enough for two employees. What happens if you suddenly need to grow in year two? You should be thinking about where you expect your business to go, and develop plans for that.

This workbook, by William Beachy, author of Drawn to Business, will help you answer some of the fundamental questions that will have a big impact on how you grow your design firm.

By completing this workbook, we hope it will inspire you and kick start some positive changes in your company so you can love your job more.

* Drawn to Business, the book, is not included with the Business Plan Workbook.


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