Leaf 3D Graphic Renders for Photoshop

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Introducing our Leaf 3D Graphic Renders

3D Renders can drastically improve your finished product by adding depth, dimension and movement to an otherwise flat design. Our 3D Renders are here to fulfill that need, with Marketplace Artist, Already Been Chewed, here with a set of incredibly vibrant, dynamic graphics for your use in Photoshop. These Leaf Renders add a sense of life to any project. We love to add these renders to posters and videos, but they’re incredibly versatile.

You get:

  • 12 Leaf 3D Renders (png and MAC files included)

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  • File Type(s): png, MAC

Already Been Chewed

By: Already Been Chewed

Barton Damer is the founder of Already Been Chewed, a design and motion graphics studio that has had great success connecting large brands to core markets. ABC designs for a variety of brands including: Nike, MTV, Malibu Boats, Facebook, Street League Skateboarding and Supra Footwear