Gift Wrap Mockup Template Pack

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  • Gift-Wrap-Mockup-Templates-Rolled
  • Gift-Wrap-Mockup-Templates-Unrolled

Gift Wrap Mockup Template Pack

Use our gift wrap mockup template pack to show off your newest pattern design! This is just another in our line of high-quality, high-resolution mockup template packs photographed and hand-crafted in studio here at Go Media. You will receive three mockup template packs, which include a gift wrap roll that is laid out with a slight curl and one without, as well as a single roll of wrap. These templates feature displacement maps, which ensure your designs mold to the mockup, looking as realistic as possible.

Here’s what is included in the pack:

  • Gift Wrap: Curled (includes 2 artwork layers)
  • Gift Wrap: Rolled
  • Gift Wrap: Unrolled
  • Displacement Map Instructions


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    By: Go Media

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