Complete Vector Set 18 – Mythology, Ancient Scripts, Gambling, Varsity, Infografix, Propaganda Patterns, and Oil

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Complete Vector Set 18 for Adobe Illustrator
Mythology Vector PackOil Vector Pack for Adobe IllustratorPropaganda Wallpaper Patterns Vector PackVarsity Sports Vector Pack for Adobe IllustratorInfographics Vector Pack for Adobe IllustratorGambling Vector PackAncient Scripts Vector Pack for Adobe Illustrator

Complete Vector Set 18 for Adobe Illustrator

Buy the Set 18 Complete Vector Set (all 7 individual packs) for one low price. You get 179 high quality and detailed vector pieces. If you buy all at once, you save a ton! Included in the set are Mythology, Ancient Scripts, Gambling, Varsity, Infografix, Propaganda Patterns, and Oil.

You get:

  • 179 vector elements in total, including:
  1. Ancient Scripts Vector Pack - Dis ain’t no papyrus! Please, if you need to call up that mystical old world aesthetic, don’t reach for the second most hated font ever. Use one of the 15 painstakingly detailed samplings of ancient script that we’ve put together for our own use. Trust us on this one.
  2. Gambling Vector Pack - Real gamblers aren’t that different from cliff jumpers & daredevil dirt bikers – the thrill of risk is the real jackpot. In Gambling, we collected our favorite Las Vegas flavored imagery in vector form: chips, cherries & roulette wheels.
  3. Infographics Vector Pack - Is there anything more beautiful than complex information communicated with breathtaking visuals? We think not. This pack contains a pantry full of infographics ingredients, and some final products for re-use & inspiration.
  4. Mythology Vector Pack - Before the scientific age, mythology provided elegant explanations of the natural world. We’ve done our best to capture the bold and occasionally barbaric nature of these mythological figures in fifteen scalable vector images. Enjoy!
  5. Oil Vector Pack - Regardless of the horrific recent events, oil has influenced the ways of the world more than any other industry in the 100 years. It’s the blood of the machine, and this pack illustrates it’s features; some titantic & magnificent, others destructive & disgusting. Fifteen percent of revenues from this pack will be donated to Oceana, one of the oldest & longest organizations dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans.
  6. Propaganda Patterns Vector Pack - Get this gorgeous collection of intricate and ornate vector illustrations. They each come as an individual icon or as a tiling pattern. Perfect for creating complex repeating patterns, wallpapers, tiling backgrounds, and more. The name comes from their versatility in the backgrounds of propaganda posters.
  7. Varsity Sports Vector Pack - High School sports captivate whole regions and inspire epic dramas. So, we put together a collection of our favorite varsity sports imagery in vector format to share with ya’ll. Go Team!

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  • Download Size: 16 MB
  • Quantity: 179
  • File Type(s): ZIP / AI

By: Go Media

Go Media is the team of artists and designers that started The Arsenal in 2006. We combine the artistry of illustration and the sensibility of design with a twist of entrepreneurial magic.

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