Tutorial: Creating a Pattern Fade In AI

How to Create a Pattern Fade in AI

In today’s tutorial, we’ll be using the brand new Cycling Vector Pack to create a pattern fade in Adobe Illustrator.

STEP One. To begin, open a new AI artboard. I am creating one sized 24″ x 36″ inches here.

STEP Two. Open the Cycling Vector Pack and place the vectors of your choice in a row, evenly spaced, on the top of your artboard. Make sure the vectors are aligned horizontally by selecting all and pressing Shift + F7 and choosing the Horizontal Distribute Center icon.

STEP Three. Add more vector elements if you choose, following the same steps as above.

STEP Four. When your pattern is complete, let’s fill the rest of the artboard. Select all of your vectors and press ALT then SHIFT as you drag the vectors down.

STEP Five. Continue until you fill your canvas. Then, select all of your vectors > Group (Command G for short). In addition, press Shift + F7 and choose the Vertical Align Center icon.

STEP Six. Create a rectangle in the color of your choice next to your original artboard. (I’m using #C09696.) Slide your group of vectors over. Then choose Object > Arrange > Bring to Front.

STEP Seven. Next, ensuring your group of vectors remains selected, choose Object > Compound Path > Make.

STEP Eight. Next, choose the color you wish to have your vector elements fade out from and change to reflect that choice. I am using #E0C101 for my vector elements.

STEP Nine. Select Window > Gradient to bring up your gradient window, as well as Window > Color to bring up your color window, if those windows are not already open. Slide your vector element swatch (#E0C101 for me) down into your gradient window.

STEP Ten. Now, in order to get the settings as seen below, here is what you need to do: 1/ slide your white node off the gradient slider (simply by pushing it down and off the screen), 2/ pressing ALT to duplicate your pink (or chosen color) slider, 3/ sliding your black node off screen as in number one, 4/ sliding your pink slider over to the right. I have illustrated all of these steps for you below one-by-one.

STEP Eleven. To finish out your opacity settings, choose an opacity of 0%, an angle of -30 and a location of 30%. Feel free to play around with these settings.

STEP Eleven. In order to clip our vectors into place, select your background rectangle. Press Command or Ctrl + C, then deselect the rectangle before pressing Command F or Ctrl + F to paste the shape in front of your work. Hold Shift to select your pattern and right click > Make Clipping Mask to clip your vectors on top of the rectangle and into place. 

STEP Twelve. Create a poster or flyer by adding more vector elements or text. You’re done!

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