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The entire Arsenal product library* + Member-Only Benefits.

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Why should I subscribe?

We recently asked you, our loyal customers, what you wanted most out of the Arsenal moving forward.

You told us that while, you really love what we do and faithfully come back for more (month after month), you are hungry for more. You want more exclusive and epic products, as only Go Media can deliver, at a more affordable rate.

We are so proud to introduce to you - our Arsenal army - your very own creation - the Arsenal membership.

The Arsenal membership gives you access to our entire product library* (over $10,000 worth of products and counting). You will also stay on the cutting edge of design with new and exclusive products (including one very special product released every month that will make you feel like it's your birthday!)

"Teach me oh wise ones. I'm hungry for more." Awesome Arsenal Fan

In addition, you'll gain entry to our online community, where you can access to tutorials, articles, interviews, podcasts and videos. Many of these will be available only to you, our Arsenal members. Virtual high fives and hugs from the Go Media crew are free of charge.

What does the Arsenal Membership include?*

Confirm your subscription and gain immediate access to our entire product library, which includes over 500 products and counting! Please note, there are a handful of products not yet included in the subscription. These products include those by the following artists: Brandon Rike, Ian Barnard and Already Been Chewed.

What happens if I do not subscribe? Can I still use the Arsenal as I always have?

Don't worry! The Arsenal as you know it has not gone away. Please feel free to purchase products on an individual basis as you always have.

How do I learn about new product releases, articles and other such awesomeness?

Sign up for our mailing list. No spam, we promise. But we can't promise there will be no puppet videos.

Can I get a refund?

Please note: we do not accept refunds for our Arsenal Membership. Instead, we do have a simple cancellation process, outlined below.

How do I cancel?

Need to cancel your subscription? It's easy. Simply head to the "My Account" tab in the upper right hand side of the screen and click "View Orders" beneath that drop-down. Look for your Active Subscription underneath the "My Subscription" header. Simply cancel your subscription here. Cancelling before the month is through? Don't worry! Your subscription will not deactivate until the month is over. Also, can you please tell us why so that we can make the Arsenal membership experience better in the future?

Can I redownload my order after my subscription has ended?

Unfortunately, our support channels cannot provide downloads without an active subscription. For this reason, please ensure you have properly downloaded all orders before cancelling.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

We would love to chat! Please contact us in the chat box (bottom left hand corner of your screen), by emailing us here, or by calling us at 216.939.0000 x 227. Our office hours are Mon-Fri from 10-6 EST.

Products not yet included in our subscription include: Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Skull Icons, PosterPress for Photoshop, Ink Pad Rubber Stamp Effect, Dusty's Print Shop Smart PSD, Gold Leaf Press, Texture Press: Instant Texture Effects Kit, Vintage Hand Drawn Logo Kit, Hand Drawn Lettering Supply Kit, Hand Drawn Logos: Skateboard Pack, Inkwell: Ink Effects for Photoshop, Texture Effects: Ink Buddie Instant Screen Printing, Custom Clothing Label Pack, Hand Drawn Vintage Logos: Motorcycle Pack, Vintage Logos: Logos from the Great Outdoors, Exposurex2, Sign Painters Studio, Photoshop Video Tutorial: Render an Architectural Scene, Leaf 3D Renders for Photoshop, Abstract 3D Graphics for Photoshop, ​Amelia Script (Fine), Amelia Script (Draft), Betterfly, Flamingo, The Secret​, Punk Rock Entrepreneur, Make a Zine, "Action! Professor Know It All's Guide to Film and Video", "Good Trouble: Building a Successful Life and Business with Asperger's", and "DIY Screenprinting: How to Turn Your Home into a T-Shirt Factory". These products may be purchased on an individual basis. Please stay tuned for updates.

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