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Become a member of our Design Army and get instant access to EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT in our store for ONLY $15 a month. Stay on in order to download every new release at no extra charge. No limit on downloads, cancel anytime. Plus, sign up thru 8/20 and get 20% Weapons of Mass Creation Fest tickets!

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What's Included

The entire Arsenal product library* + Member-Only Benefits.

Mockup Template
790+ World's Best Mockup Templates
4,175+ Royalty Free Vectors
4,250+ Royalty Free Vectors
47+ Hours of Tutorial Material
50+ Hours of Tutorial Material
12 Exclusive Business Resources
12 Exclusive Business Resources
1,600+ Must-Have Textures
1,738+ Must-Have Textures
Member-only Releases
Member-only Releases
Exclusive, Bonus Content
Exclusive, Bonus Content
Party Favors
Party Favors

$15.00 / month Join


755+ World's Best Mockup Templates

Everything looks better in the real-world right?

Of course it does. Use these Photoshop mockup templates to make your design look like it has been printed on a real t-shirt, beanie, sticker, billboard, hoodie, ipad, iphone, notebook, tank top, polo, album cover, cd, poster, etc. It makes it that much easier to sell your design to your client, customer, or friends. Don't be surprised when people say, "Woah, I want that!"


4,250+ Royalty Free Vectors

What's a vector?

It's a graphic that you can scale to any size and it never gets blurry or pixelated. But you already knew that. We've got thousands of hand-crafted vector illustrations (all Royalty Free) for you to use in your own design work. Enjoy.


47+ Hours of Tutorial Material

Want to learn how we did that cool texture effect?

How did we draw that sweet skull on that album cover? Or that awesome looking type treatment? We have a treat for you! Sit back and relax as you watch the process unfold from start to finish in these lessons on building your technique as a designer. Level up, my friend.


12 Exclusive Business Resources

Learn how to become a better designer or entrepreneur.

Skip college and quit searching Google for articles that don't quite answer all your questions. Our collection of ebooks are highly recommended!


1,600+ Must-Have Textures

If you're like us, you can't get enough textures!

I'm sure you have hundreds of awesome textures stashed away on your hard drive, but you came here looking for more. I know, it's ok, we've got some ones I think you'll dig! Stock up!



Expand your mind and gain increased mastery over your art each and every month when you access our online articles.

We're hooking you up with the industry's best insights, inspiration and tutorials, including articles for our Arsenal subscribers only!


Member-only Releases

High-quality, Go Media approved resources exclusive to both the Arsenal and YOU!

This includes one extra special monthly surprise release that will make you feel as if it's your birthday! Get your party pants on, friends.


Exclusive, Bonus Content

We take "exclusive" seriously.

This content will be available for your eyes only! You'll get insider-ACCESS to interviews, tutorials, articles, podcasts, videos and more! All of these resources will transform you into the lethal creative you were designed to be. Go ahead and feel special, because, well, you are!


Party Favors

We're cheering you on from Go Media headquarters.

Can you feel it? You will with our virtual high fives, supportive hugs, digital stickers and shout-outs and special deliveries to your home.



Everything Looks Better In The Real World

We take you inside the minds of accomplished designers, makers, entrepreneurs, into the studios of experienced agency owners, behind the scenes here at Go Media and across the country, where doers and dreamers just like you have so much knowledge to share.

$15.00 / month Join

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Arsenal Membership include?*

Subscribe and gain immediate access to our entire product library, including every single product created by your friends here at Go Media. 

There are a few exceptions, however. These products include those by the following artists: Brandon Rike, Ian Barnard and Already Been Chewed.

What licensing is included?

The membership includes our standard licensing only. If you need to purchase an item for use on more than one computer, or if you need to purchase extended licensing for a product, please do so. Here is information on our terms.

Why should I subscribe?

We recently asked you, our loyal customers, what you wanted most out of the Arsenal moving forward.

You told us that while, you really love what we do and faithfully come back for more (month after month), you are hungry for more. You want more exclusive and epic products, as only Go Media can deliver, at a more affordable rate.

We are so proud to introduce to you - our Arsenal army - your very own creation - the Arsenal membership.

The Arsenal membership gives you access to our entire product library* (over $10,000 worth of products and counting). You will also stay on the cutting edge of design with new and exclusive products (including one very special product released every month that will make you feel like it's your birthday!)

"Teach me oh wise ones. I'm hungry for more."Awesome Arsenal Fan

In addition, you'll gain entry to our online community, where you can access to tutorials, articles, interviews, podcasts and videos. Many of these will be available only to you, our Arsenal members. Virtual high fives and hugs from the Go Media crew are free of charge.

Can I download everything all at once?

We created this subscription with good faith in our customers. Please do not abuse your subscription. It was created with the intention that you download products as needed for projects during the time you are an active customer. We ask that you not stockpile the entire library for later use.

Is this real life?

Yes! It's real. We are obsessed with helping provide awesome resources for the design community. Sign up for the Arsenal Membership and get instant access to over $11K in the World's Best Design Resources. (Yep, we hook you up all of the vectors, mockup templates, textures, tutorials we've been creating since 2006.*) You also get access to every product we release here on out. So check back with us as often as you like and go download crazy whenever you see something new (always in our "featured products" section. It's like having a birthday, with brand new presents to open each and every week! (*There are a few exceptions listed on the bottom of this page, but fear not! Every single template, vector and texture is included.)

What else do I get?

Along with all of the incredible design resources, you get access to all of our exclusive content, which includes interviews, articles, podcasts, videos and talks from our very own conference, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. You'll also get random goodies in the mail and HUGS. ALL THE HUGS. (Virtual ones.)

What's the catch?

We know - sounds hard to believe, but we swear that there isn't one. You can cancel in an instant simply by heading to My Account > View Orders, then to Subscriptions. Here, you'll be able to cancel your account. But we know you won't want to, because this is a gift that keeps on giving! No hard feelings if you decide to go, though. (And you can always come running back into our arms whenever you like.)

What happens if I do not subscribe? Can I still use the Arsenal as I always have?

Don't worry! The Arsenal as you know it has not gone away. Please feel free to purchase products on an individual basis as you always have.

How do I learn about new product releases, articles and other such awesomeness?

Sign up for our mailing list. No spam, we promise. But we can't promise there will be no puppet videos.

Can I get a refund?

Please note: we do not accept refunds for our Arsenal Membership. Instead, we do have a simple cancellation process, outlined below.

How do I cancel?

Need to cancel your subscription? It's easy. Simply head to the "My Account" tab in the upper right-hand side of the screen and click "View Orders" beneath that drop-down. Look for your Active Subscription underneath the "My Subscription" header. Simply cancel your subscription here. Canceling before the month is through? Don't worry! Your subscription will not deactivate until the month is over. Also, can you please tell us why so that we can make the Arsenal membership experience better in the future?

Can I redownload my order after my subscription has ended?

Unfortunately, our support channels cannot provide downloads without an active subscription. For this reason, please ensure you have properly downloaded all orders before cancelling.

My account is "On Hold." What does that mean? How can I resolve it?

Bummer! There are a few reasons your account is on hold. It might be due to an expired card, inactive account, or address change. No worries, let's get you back up and running. Simply head to this page and you'll be up and running in no time!

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

We would love to chat! Please contact us in the chat box (bottom left hand corner of your screen), by emailing us here, or by calling us at 216.939.0000 x 227. Our office hours are Mon-Fri from 10-6 EST.

Why are you guys offering up your ENTIRE product library up at $15/mth? Have you gone mad?

When the Arsenal opened up shop in 2006, we were one of the few eCommerce sites of our kind. Now, the market is saturated with folks selling templates, textures and vectors. Besides concentrating on creating the best of the best products, we decided that we had to do something else to stand out from the crowd. We decided that starting a subscription program was a great way to achieve our goal. Our belief is that folks who have been loyal customers since 2006 will become members and stay with us for the long haul. Sure, we expect people to join and promptly be on their way, but we stand behind our products and are assured the majority of our members will invest in them for the duration.

Note: Products not yet included in our subscription include: Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Skull Icons, PosterPress for Photoshop, Ink Pad Rubber Stamp Effect, Dusty's Print Shop Smart PSD, Gold Leaf Press, Texture Press: Instant Texture Effects Kit, Vintage Hand Drawn Logo Kit, Hand Drawn Lettering Supply Kit, Hand Drawn Logos: Skateboard Pack, Inkwell: Ink Effects for Photoshop, Texture Effects: Ink Buddie Instant Screen Printing, Custom Clothing Label Pack, Hand Drawn Vintage Logos: Motorcycle Pack, Vintage Logos: Logos from the Great Outdoors, Exposurex2, Sign Painters Studio, Photoshop Video Tutorial: Render an Architectural Scene, Leaf 3D Renders for Photoshop, Abstract 3D Graphics for Photoshop, ​Amelia Script (Fine), Amelia Script (Draft), Betterfly, Flamingo, The Secret​, Punk Rock Entrepreneur, Make a Zine, "Action! Professor Know It All's Guide to Film and Video", "Good Trouble: Building a Successful Life and Business with Asperger's", and "DIY Screenprinting: How to Turn Your Home into a T-Shirt Factory". These products may be purchased on an individual basis. Please stay tuned for updates.

$15.00 / month Join

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