Terms and Conditions

License Options

Exclusive License Pricing

For stock art (vector, texture, brushes, motion, fonts) we offer the standard royalty free licensing on all items purchased, as well as offering extended licensing options. The extended licenses give you greater flexibility in your usage with the artwork and files. The prices and descriptions below are for your information only. To purchase a special license, you must contact Go Media via arsenal@gomedia.us.
For use on 2 or more computers:2x the price
Digital Items for Resale:25x the price

Types of Permitted Usage

Standard License

Exclusive License

Advertisement designs for online, newspapers, magazines, and or other printed materials.Usage of image in no more than 500,000 print or digital documents Unlimited Print Runs. 7x cost the price
Printed promotional projects including packaging, catalogs, brochures, promotional seasonal greeting/post cards and promotional posters. Promotional only, not items for resale.Usage of image in no more than 500,000 print or digital documentsUnlimited Print Runs. 7x cost the price
In-house multimedia, interactive and video presentations.Usage of product with visibility of up to 500,000 viewersUsage of product with visibility of more than 500,000 viewers. 7x cost the price
Designs used for books, book covers, CD & DVDs, commercial films, movies or theatrical presentations.Usage of image in no more than 500,000 print or digital documentsUnlimited Usage. 7x cost the price
Used in editorial mediums such as printed magazines, newspapers, editorials and newsletters.Usage of image in no more than 500,000 print or digital documentsUnlimited Print Runs. 7x cost the price
Creating products for resale such as prints, posters, calendars, stationery, clothing, T-shirts, video games, etc.Allow for up to 1,000 sales (digital or physical)Allow for unlimited sales (digital or physical). 7x cost the price
Electronic design templates for resale such as website templates, application templates, business cards, brochures and greeting cards.NoRequires Digital Items for Resale extended license. 25x the price
Use in a web-based or desktop design application such as a “design your own t-shirt” app. Other examples may include any application that allows usage of our products without the end user having to purchase our products. Please see our FAQ for more information.NoRequires Digital Items for Resale extended license. 25x the price
Install our products on two or more company workstations.NoRequires Extended license
(2x the price)

Refunds on our Membership

Please understand that our Arsenal Membership is non-refundable.


Have any questions about licensing? Please direct them to Heather.

Discouraged Uses

It is highly discouraged to use Go Media artwork to create a logo for a company. You will not have exclusive ownership, and you cannot trademark the logo. Know that many other people may be using the same artwork for their logo. If you’d like a custom logo design, Go Media offers that service.

Disallowed Uses

  • Use in pornographic, fraudulent, obscene, immoral, infringing, illegal, blasphemous or defamatory material.
  • Sell, sublicense, distribute or otherwise grant rights without Go Media’s expressed written consent.
  • Post/Share on electronic bulletin board, FTP, or file sharing programs.
  • Put the products online in a downloadable format, or use the products in a website at a resolution higher than 72dpi at 640×480 pixels, or disassemble, decompile or “unlock”, reverse engineer, translate or otherwise decode the products for any reason.