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A transparent look at how Go Media and other top firms built their business from the ground up. Learn to increase profits while doing the work you love.

A nuts and bolts strategy guide to building a thriving design firm.



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Discover the best method to grow beyond freelancing.

Learn how to form effective partnerships and hire the best employees for the money. Grow your team the right way.

Learn proven business systems and processes for designers.

Uncover the ideal process to make both clients AND designers happy. A process that took years to develop and perfect!

Save thousands of dollars with proven pricing strategies.

Learn how much other firms are charging and how to maximize your profit margins. How to decide your ideal price point.

Write winning proposals that land you the big clients.

Discover the words that turn leads into clients. Learn how to earn trust by writing better proposals with ease.

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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Getting Started
  • 3. Fundraising, Overhead & Growth Strategy
  • 4. Pricing & Billing
  • 5. Employees & Hiring
  • 6. Accountants & Lawyers
  • 7. Partners
  • 8. Managing
  • 9. Business Systems & Services
  • 10. Marketing & Advertising
  • 11. Selling & Negotiating
  • 12. Growing Pains
  • 13. Customer Retention



Does this book give generic business principles, or real-world practical guidance?

Both. I tell stories of problems I’ve dealt with, the exact solutions I’ve found that work and the principles I learned from the experience.

I’m a freelancer, I don’t want to build a firm, is this book valuable to me?

Absolutely. Whether you freelance, have a small firm or are the manager of an internal design team, we all deal with the same issues - building relationships, securing work, being properly compensated, etc. This book is for you!

Is there any art/design in this book?

Heck yeah! The book is chock full of inspiring art and designs. That’s why I got into this business - because I love art. The book would feel empty without it.

Does this book cover legal and accounting issues?

Yes. This book includes extensive interviews with a creative field focused lawyer and Go Media’s accountant. They cover complex legal and accounting issues in an easy to understand way.

If I don’t like it, can I get my money back?

We stand behind our product. If you don’t see positive results in your business and would like a refund we’ll honor it.

written by


Bill Beachy, Author of Drawn To Business

William is an illustrator, designer, and lifelong entrepreneur from Cleveland Ohio. He is the co-founder and president of Go Media.

Drawing since childhood, he earned a B.S. in Industrial Design. He started his first business at 14 years old and started a total of five businesses before turning 26. Go Media has been the ultimate culmination of his two passions in life – art and business. Working as a one-man firm from a bedroom in his father’s house, he built Go Media into an internationally recognized 15 person firm with clients including: Adobe, Progressive Insurance, Pepsi and Nike.

Links: Facebook, @william_beachy, LinkedIn, and Behance

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Extremely Awesome Bonus PDFs Included

Bonus PDF Content

Action-oriented advice to help you land big clients, hire the staff of your dreams, optimize your process, cure your accounting and legal worries, and much more!

Doc Templates

Need inspiration? Not sure what to write in your proposals? We've included a handful of examples for writing better emails, invoices, and proposals.

  • 7 Tips on Landing Big Clients

  • Drawn to Business in a Nutshell

  • How to Hire a Rock Star Staff

  • Warm and Fuzzy Email Templates

  • Legal & Accounting for Laymen

  • 11 Legal & Accounting Steps

  • Suggested Reading and Apps

  • 11 Ways to Grow Your Design Firm

  • Contributor Survey Results and Charts

  • How to Make More Money

  • How to Make Sure You Get Paid

  • Become a Better Negotiator

  • Design Firm Pricing Chart

  • How to Choose the Right Partner

  • Design Process Optimizer

  • Designer & Developer Metrics

  • Project Manager Metrics Template

  • Monthly Report Template

  • Proposal Template

  • Income and Expenses Template

6 Video Lessons on Tough Questions

  • Dealing With Burnout & Procrastination: 8 Minutes

  • Authentic Branding & Self Promotion: 9 Minutes

  • Pricing & Billing Policies: 10 Minutes

  • How to be a Bold & Fearless Designer: 10 Minutes

  • 5 Mistakes Designers Make in Business: 9 Minutes

  • How to Land Big Clients: 13 Minutes

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