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Turn your passion into profit.

It’s amazing to find a career that you love so much that it hardly feels like work. — Jen Lombardi , Kiwi Creative

Bill Beachy’s new book, Drawn to Business, is about how he built and runs Go Media, our graphic design firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.  It’s the story of how he turned his love of drawing into a million dollar firm.

The story of his success is rooted in failure. For you, he’ll uncover how discomfort led him to rapid learning and how that knowledge gained lead him to success.

We know you’ll learn from both his missteps and triumphs.

Here’s a free 30 Day Design Firm Makeover Course and free chapter of Drawn to BusinessEnjoy and share your own success story with us below!

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Our founder Bill Beachy teaches you how to turn your love of art & design into a successful business. Build the design studio of your dreams!

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