Affiliate FAQs

Thanks so much for your interest in our Affiliate Program!

Here are some frequently asked questions we thought we’d address. Please send any additional questions to Heather at [email protected].

Where and how do I apply to be an Affiliate?
Apply to be an Affiliate over at our Affiliate area. Simply enter your information in the short form and wait for a response from our team. We will review your application. Watch your inbox! If your application is approved, you will be directed back to the affiliate area.

Why wasn’t I approved to be an affiliate?
We get many applications for our program and have to make sure our affiliates are the right fit for our company and brand. Here are some examples of sites that do not quality for our program:

  • Sites that promote sexually explicit materials or violence
  • Sites that are adult/pornographic in theme
  • Sites where two affiliates would be in competition with one another
  • Sites that are not relevant to the topic of design, illustration, art, creativity, entrepreneurship
  • Sites that promote anything other than kindness and inclusion

How will I get paid out? And how often?
As you will have learned from our Terms and Conditions, you will be paid out via physical check when you reach a $500 balance. Please learn more about this process over at the Terms and Conditions page (#2).

How can I start linking people to the Arsenal?
After you’re approved, you will be directed to the Affiliate Area, where you will receive your affiliate ID and special URL. You can direct your audience to the Arsenal with this URL and use the Referral URL Generator to generate new referral links from any of our pages.

Where can I see my commissions and how I’m performing overall?
The Affiliate Area is the place to be! Here, you can view your statistics, your referrals, payouts, visits, and graphs.

Where can I download banners and text links?
The Affiliate Area has a creatives tab. Download banners and receive text links here. Want to request new banners or different sized banners? Reach out! Please do not create your own banner material. This is a violation of our Terms and Conditions, as you have read.

What are your terms of usage? 
Please find our terms of usage here. By applying for our Arsenal program, you have agreed to these terms, so please read these thoroughly.

I’m not ready to enroll. I have more questions. Who can I ask?
Email the Arsenal or hit us up on chat!

I’m ready. Let’s do this!
Awesome. Head to the Affiliate Area to enroll!