Arsenal Membership FAQ

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Note: Products not yet included in our subscription include: PosterPress for Photoshop, Ink Pad Rubber Stamp Effect, Dusty's Print Shop Smart PSD, Gold Leaf Press, Texture Press: Instant Texture Effects Kit, Vintage Hand Drawn Logo Kit, Hand Drawn Lettering Supply Kit, Hand Drawn Logos: Skateboard Pack, Inkwell: Ink Effects for Photoshop, Texture Effects: Ink Buddie Instant Screen Printing, Custom Clothing Label Pack, Hand Drawn Vintage Logos: Motorcycle Pack, Vintage Logos: Logos from the Great Outdoors, Exposurex2, Sign Painters Studio, Photoshop Video Tutorial: Render an Architectural Scene, Amelia Script (Fine), Amelia Script (Draft), Betterfly, Flamingo, The Secret. These products may be purchased on an individual basis. Please stay tuned for updates.