How to Properly Invoice for Your Graphic Design Work

How to Invoice for Graphic Design Work (the Go Media Way)

Invoicing for graphic design work is just one of the many processes we have to sort out when starting our own business. Here at Go Media, through trial and error, we have found a method that works for us as flawlessly as can be expected. Today we thought we would share some tips on how we run things in hopes that it might help as you figure out what works best for you.

Be confident about talking money right off the bat.

Money is an often awkward topic. Be up-front about it with your client. It’s the elephant in the room, after all, so your client will be relieved if you’re confident and able to guide them through your pricing and invoicing process right off the bat. This is the time to clearly state your milestone payments, kill fees, late fees, etc. Bringing these items up later down the line is risky business.

When you’re talking money, also make it very clear to your client who they can speak to, in the future, about their payments and how that person can be contacted. Is it the Account Manager, the Project Manager? Here at Go Media, our friendly Account Managers Lauren and Michael are the points of contact.

Make sure you get paid, starting now.

Typically, we ask for a deposit before we run our kickoff meeting. This is a great way to avoid buster, “aka” bad, clients. Our deposit is tied to our contract, so by paying the deposit, the clients have agreed to our terms. We suggest that you also hold off work until a contract has been signed. This not only protects both parties, but gives both of you a feeling of trust as you move forward.

If you’re not getting paid, stop working.

Clients get busy and forget to pay now and then. When this happens, we’ll just simply resend the invoice and follow it up with a friendly call or email. This is also a wonderful opportunity to check-in with the client and ask how they like how the work you are creating!

We have, unfortunately, had to stop working on projects for a short time when a client has been repeatedly late with their payments. For us, this happens rarely and on a case by case basis.

Lay out your payment options.

Our clients pay either 25% or 50% down dependent on the price of the project. For a project $5,000 or under, they’ll put down 50% and pay the remaining 50% when we are ready to deliver final files or launch their site. For a project over $5,000, our clients will pay an initial payment of 25% and then pay monthly installments based on the duration of the project.

Hold final files until payment has been made.

It’s in your best interest to hold final files until the very last payment has been made.

Find the software that works best for you. 

QuickBooks works best for us, plain and simple. We send our invoices this way quickly and easily. Customers can pay online with a credit card or mail in a check. We can store client information and track payments with ease.

To learn more about getting paid what you’re worth and choosing payment options that will work best for your company (and wallet), purchase William Beachy’s graphic design ebook Drawn to Business.

Download examples of Go Media invoices below and be on your way. Good luck everyone and report back with your successes in the comments section please!

Download >> Go Media Invoice Examples

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