Most Anticipated Trends for Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Trends 2016

There is no doubt that today, mobile applications play an incredible role in our lives (for almost for all of us, though not all). The majority of people carry the Internet in their pockets and are connected with each other via the advanced mobile technology, which is incessantly flourishing and will continue to do so.

From shopping to cab hiring, there are innumerable tasks that can be performed conveniently in a few taps via mobile applications. This has certainly resulted in a dramatic increase in the mobile traffic on the websites. In fact, mobile apps have amazingly boosted the eCommerse sales.

By keeping these facts in mind, it can be said that mobile applications will hold the reins in the future, and it is not only restricted to the retail business, but the enterprises, entertainment, and almost every industry is influenced by the growing mobile market. Thus, to stand ahead of the competition in this wobbly mobile marketplace, an outstanding mobile application is necessary.

Since, there is no dearth of mobile applications in the market, creating a noteworthy and useful application is not a child’s play. Moreover, as we have stepped into the new year 2016, it is worth considering the latest mobile design and development trends. In this article, I will unleash a few of the upcoming mobile app development trends that are likely to influence the application development.

Keeping these points in mind while developing your application can help you make your app stand out in the pool of applications so as to augment your business. Thus, let’s apprehend the future trends to develop a fabulous mobile app.

1. Cloud Driven Applications
The variety of mobile devices is consistently increasing. Today we have wearables, tablets, smartphones, and so forth that let us reap the benefits of incredible mobile applications. These devices are only expected to expand further in the future, and we will have a plethora of more mobile devices. This certainly makes it essential to ensure a hassle-free and reliable integration of the mobile application with multiple devices. And, to attain this, a secure and reliable technique is needed. The cloud technology offers a viable solution to accomplish this with precision. The cloud-driven applications heighten data synchronization and ensure a seamless and efficient execution of applications on various devices.

2. Decreasing Craze For Native Applications
There are myriads of articles on the Internet that debate that approach makes a much sought after choice – native apps, hybrid apps, or web apps. To proficiently target a huge number of mobile devices, hybrid app development, or mobile web app development makes a cost effective choice. Thus, the majority of developers considers hybrid or web application development whenever possible. Moreover, there are several tools and frameworks available in the market that makes hybrid and web app development an easy pie even for the individuals who don’t possess development skills. Thus, it can be anticipated that the number of native mobile apps will decrease this year.

3. Application Security Will Take The Center Stage
There are several stats and surveys, which depict that in 2015, most of the mobile application failed to pass the basic security test. Due to which app developers endeavored in all possible ways to ensure a secure application. This will surely be the prime focus of the developers in 2016 as well.

Moreover, today, there are numerous applications, which store sensitive and personal info like the SSN of users, bank details of users and so forth. This makes it a matter of concern for users as well. Any carelessness or security breach can result in the leak of crucial user information. This further makes it vital to ensure the mobile app security in 2016.

Furthermore, the tech giants Google and Apple, both are also striving to make their platforms, Android and iOS respectively, as robust and secure as possible by encompassing top-notch security features. Thus, one can’t overlook the security glitches in mobile applications if he wants to see his app in the desired application store. This will encourage developers to develop secure applications.

4. Don’t Ignore The IoT and Wearables
The wearables like the Google Glass and Apple iWatch has created a great buzz in the market. The wearable technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are gaining immense popularity due to the obvious reasons. Many big companies are investing in these technologies to deliver a top notch mobile device in the market that can take mobile development to a next level. These high-end devices are expected to drive substantial revenue in the forthcoming years. In fact, the researchers like Gartner has depicted that there will be billions of people connected to each other via billions of things.

Thus, it would be wise to consider IoT and wearable technology while developing your application. It could be challenging to plan a development strategy accordingly, but it would be beneficial for your business. Consider the latest developments in the field, for instance, Apple had unveiled the watchOS 2 in 2015. These facts will help you stay motivated and make strives in the right direction. Logically develop applications that precisely fit into the functionality of the wearable devices and add to their credibility.

5. Don’t Forget To Market Your App Efficiently
Application promotion plays a pivotal role in ensuring its success. Thus, one must strategically create an app marketing plan and work accordingly. Since, the techniques to promote an app is improving every year, it is advisable to consider the latest trends. One of the popular and efficient ways to market an app is to integrate the Beacons and location-based Wi-Fi services in the application along with App Store Optimization (ASO). This will help you reach your target audience flawlessly and promote your application among your potential consumers.

Wrapping Up
The above-mentioned points are some of the anticipated mobile development trends that are expected to become common in the year 2016. Take these points into account while developing the application in to ensure a surefire mobile application.

Author Signature: Addison Cohen is a mobile app developer working with Appsted Ltd, the leading mobile applications development services provider which delivers most comprehensive mobile application

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