Podcasting On The Cheap

Podcasting On The Cheap

So, you've decided it's about time you started your own podcast. Maybe you've heard there’s a ton of cash, arms full of lovelies, and loads of listeners just WAITING for you to put your voice into their ears.

Or, maybe you've just seen your competitor doing it and it's showing some success and you want to get in on the action.

Either way, you’re probably asking yourself how to get started, and how can you get the ball rolling without spending a lot of time and money upfront? That’s what I wanted to know about 6 years ago when a few friends and I wanted to start our own podcast.

In this tutorial, we’re going to be looking at what equipment and software you should be looking into as you begin your journey into podcasting. Then, we’ll go into some tips and tricks on the recording and editing side.



Part One: Equipment

We go through the entire list, from mixers to mics, headphones to PCs, of equipment that I use to record and edit every episode of the Go Media Podcast and the series I'm involved with at the Fans Talk Podcast Family.


Part Two: Software

Whether it's what software you use to record with, or how you connect with your cohosts, guests, and live audience, there are plenty of options out there. We'll talk about what I use and why I've continued to use a lot of the same stuff for the last 6 years.


Part Three: Recording

Whether you're only recording your voice, or a few different voices in the same room with you or over Skype, we take a look at what options we have to get the best quality audio to work with.


Part Four: Editing and Finalizing

Once all of your tracks are recorded, it's time to edit them all together. We talk about sync tracks, the benefits of recording individually over just taking what Skype gives us, and how to export a good quality track without making it difficult to download for our mobile listeners.


What You'll Get

Total Length of Tutorial: 2 hours and 9 minutes.
Download Size: 9.11 GB
Number of Files: 5
File Type: .MOV

By: Go Media

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