Thoughts Behind a Rebrand: Project Runway & Yellowcake Shop’s Valerie Mayen

Project Runway All Stars Season 5 & Yellowcake Shop’s Valerie Mayen

We sat down with Project Runway All Stars Season 5’s Valerie Mayen to talk about the rebrand of her clothing line, Yellowcake Shop. Valerie gives us a candid look at the struggles she is currently experiencing, as well as the excitement and hope the rebrand gives. She outlines the three goals for her rebrand and why she feels they’ll boost her company’s success in coming years.

Besides uniquely talented, we find Valerie to be giving, open, authentic.

Photo by James Douglas

Watch this video and be inspired by both her rebrand and the bright light that surrounds her.

More Valerie!

Valerie is a Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, the best design conference of the summer, alum! While you’re at it, watch her talk:

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