Video How To: Using Halftone Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

How to Use Halftone Brushes for Illustrator

We are so excited to have just released The Artifex Forge’s Halftone Brushes and Bonus Patterns onto the Arsenal. This pack includes 26 AI Halftone Brushes for Illustrator, 10 Halftone Repeat Patterns, plus the bird image you see above (demo file) and instructions, too. Use these brushes to add depth and style to your designs and artwork!

Halftone Brushes for Illustrator + Bonus Patterns

The Artifex Forge, also known as brand new Arsenal Artist Jeremy Child, also wanted to give you a more in-depth look into how to use these halftone brushes for AI to add depth and detail to your vector art, so here is a short video tutorial on how to do so.

Enjoy and leave a comment below letting us know how your vector art was enhanced by these incredible Halftone brushes!

Halftone Brushes for Illustrator + Bonus Patterns

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