Princess Belle Illustration Video Tutorial for Photoshop


Go on a fantastical journey with Arsenal Artist Katia Oloy, Senior Concept Artist at Scopely and Illustrator for brands including Disney, Hasbro, ESPN, Age of Learning / ABC Mouse, Scholar’s Choice, The Golf Channel, Kami Garcia.

In this 1 hour and 18 minute tutorial, Katia walks you through how she created a series of princess paintings while she was working at Disney. These paintings were featured on the Oh My Disney blog and are still incredibly popular on Tumblr to this day. Katia will also walk you through her entire conceptual process – how she finds inspiration, organizing a PS document, layering, color blocking, the intricacies of illustrating humans, bringing your character to life and much, much more. As a bonus, Katia provides brushes to accompany the tutorial.



Part One: Inspiration, Conceptualization, Illustration

Katia begins the tutorial with some background on how she was inspired to paint her version of the princesses. She discusses color choice, as well as how and why she makes certain choices when illustrating her characters to indicate different emotion and motion. 


Part Two: Color Blocking, Brushes

Katia discusses color blocking, shadows, spacial relationships, the important details to keep in mind when illustrating characters and much more. Katia also introduces the use of the brushes she's included with this download.


Part Three: Completing the Illustration

Katia discusses how to further customize your illustration to bring it to life. She leaves no stone unturned as she walks you through every thought she has during her intimate process.



What You'll Get

Total Length of Tutorial: 1 hour and 18 minutes.
Download Size: 1.33 GB
Number of Files: 3
Bonus: Katia's Brushes 
File Type: ABR, TPL, MP4
Ekaterina Oloy   Illustration and Storytelling

By: Katia Oloy

Katia Oloy is a visual storyteller from Burbank, California.

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