Graphic Designer’s Pricing Guide Tool Kit

Graphic Designer’s Pricing Guide Tool Kit

One of the most common questions we’re asked here at Go Media is: How do you charge what you’re worth? And believe us, we understand it’s no easy task.

Determining your fees can be tricky. There’s a fine line between too much and too little. You want to be competitively priced while also ensuring profitability (we are in business to make money, right?).

So with this, our Graphic Designer’s Pricing Guide Tool Kit, we’ve pulled together a bevy of resources to show you what we’ve learned about pricing and billing since opening our now million dollar company over a decade ago.

You get:

  • Advice Doc – a 12 page Billing PDF: valuable information regarding billing for your freelance business (Originally published in our Freelance Survival Guide)
  • Advice Doc – quick guide PDF: Design Firm Rates and Pricing Comparison (Originally seen in our Drawn to Business Supplemental material)
  • Advice Doc – quick read PDF: How to Make Sure to Get Paid for Your Work (Originally seen in our Drawn to Business Supplemental material)
  • Advice Doc – How to Charge for Your Graphic Design Work (and Get What You Deserve), blog post by Go Media
  • Advice Doc – A Designer’s Guide to Pricing, blog post by William Beachy
  • Drawn to Business eBook, including invaluable chapter on Pricing and Billing

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