Multiple Views (Front, Side and Back) Men’s Ghosted T-Shirt Mockup Templates Pack

  • Mens_Crew_Neck_T-Shirt_Multiview_Preview
  • Mens_Long_Sleeve_T-Shirt_Multiview_Preview
  • Mens_VNeck_T-Shirt_Multiview_Preview
  • Mens_Crew_Neck_T-Shirt_Separate_File_Back
  • Mens_Crew_Neck_T-Shirt_Separate_File_Front
  • Mens_Crew_Neck_T-Shirt_Separate_File_Profile
  • Mens_Long_Sleeve_T-Shirt_Separate_File_Back
  • Mens_Long_Sleeve_T-Shirt_Separate_File_Front
  • Mens_Long_Sleeve_T-Shirt_Separate_File_Profile
  • Mens_VNeck_T-Shirt_Separate_File_Back
  • Mens_VNeck_T-Shirt_Separate_File_Front
  • Mens_VNeck_T-Shirt_Separate_File_Profile

Multiple Views (Front, Side and Back) Men’s Ghosted T-Shirt Mockup Templates Pack

Finally! The mockup template pack you’ve been waiting for. Our Multiple Views Men’s Ghosted T-Shirt Mockup Templates Pack includes front, back and side versions of 3 of your favorite men’s t-shirts, each set in its own Photoshop file. This allows you to show your client or printer what a final file might look like (from view) upon completion. Any modifications can be made right here, before the expensive printing process. We promise, this extra step is worth will impress your audience. And the finished product will make a perfect portfolio piece.

Our Multiple Views Men’s Ghosted T-Shirt Mockup Templates Pack gives you three nice and neatly packaged multiple view PSDS. Each shirt style includes separate layer structures for the front, side and back versions within each. Here is what is included in the pack:

  • Men’s Crew Neck Ghosted T-Shirt (Multiple Views Template)
  • Men’s Long Sleeve Ghosted T-Shirt (Multiple Views Template)
  • Men’s V-Neck Ghosted T-Shirt (Multiple Views Template)
  • BONUS! We also include the separate PSDs of each front, back and side template giving you an additional 9 PSDs

Front Side and Back Mockup Template BONUS included >

  • Men’s Crew Neck Ghosted T-Shirt – Front View
  • Men’s Crew Neck Ghosted T-Shirt – Back View
  • Men’s Crew Neck Ghosted T-Shirt – Side View
  • Men’s Long Sleeve Ghosted T-Shirt – Front View
  • Men’s Long Sleeve Ghosted T-Shirt – Back View
  • Men’s Long Sleeve Ghosted T-Shirt – Side View
  • Men’s  V-Neck Ghosted T-Shirt- Front View
  • Men’s  V-Neck Ghosted T-Shirt – Back View
  • Men’s  V-Neck Ghosted T-Shirt – Side View

For a total of 12 PSDs!

Note: Each shirt includes 4 preset colors


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  • Download Size: 960 MB
  • Number of Items: 12 PSDs

By: Go Media

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