Ladies Ghosted Hoodie Mockup Pack, V2

Ladies Ghosted Hoodie Mockup Pack
  • Ladies_Cropped_Sweatshirt_Ghosted_Back_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Cropped_Sweatshirt_Ghosted_Front_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Cropped_Zip_Hoodie_Ghosted_Back_View_1_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Cropped_Zip_Hoodie_Ghosted_Back_View_2_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Cropped_Zip_Hoodie_Ghosted_Front_View_1_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Cropped_Zip_Hoodie_Ghosted_Front_View_2_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Fleece_Zip_Hoodie_Ghosted_Back_View_1_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Fleece_Zip_Hoodie_Ghosted_Back_View_2_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Fleece_Zip_Hoodie_Ghosted_Front_View_1_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Fleece_Zip_Hoodie_Ghosted_Front_View_2_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Sleeveless_Zip_Hoodie_Ghosted_Back_View_1_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Sleeveless_Zip_Hoodie_Ghosted_Back_View_2_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Sleeveless_Zip_Hoodie_Ghosted_Front_View_1_Arsenal_Preview
  • Ladies_Sleeveless_Zip_Hoodie_Ghosted_Front_View_2_Arsenal_Preview

Ladies Ghosted Hoodie Mockup Pack Version 2

These realistic Ladies Ghosted Hoodie Mockup Templates round out the ladies line of hoodie mockup templates. Adding to our collection of some of our most popular packs to date, these women’s hoodies include alternate versions of hoodies – all being worn by an invisible model!

What’s included in the Ladies Ghosted Hoodie Mockup Pack, you ask? Here’s what’s you get: 

  1. Ladies Cropped Sweatshirt (Front and Back Versions)
  2. Ladies Cropped Zipped Hoodie Version 1 – Hood Down (Front and Back Versions)
  3. Ladies Cropped Zipped Hoodie Version 2 – Hood Up (Front and Back Versions)
  4. Ladies Fleece Zipped Hoodie Version 1 – Hood Down (Front and Back Versions)
  5. Ladies Fleece Zipped Hoodie Version 2 – Hood Up (Front and Back Versions)
  6. Ladies Sleeveless Hoodie Version 1 – Hood Down (Front and Back Versions)
  7. Ladies Sleeveless Hoodie Version 2 – Hood Up (Front and Back Versions)

That is 14 templates in total –

  • With photos of fronts and backs
  • That are fitted for form
  • With easy to change shirt colors with the new hoodie color layer

We’ve updated and improved our mockup files to maximize your experience. Enjoy pulling your most-excellent designs on these Ladies Ghosted Hoodie Mockup Templates Pack professional templates.


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  • Number of Items: 14 PSDs

By: Go Media

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