Responsive Web Mockup Template

Ready to see your web designs or user interface designs mocked up in a realistic setting? Look no further than Go Media’s own Responsive Web Mockup Template. This individual mockup template includes the mockup you’ll see used in our own portfolio. It includes a Mac, iPad and iPhone 7 paired perfectly together to show off your work.

Here’s what you get:

  • 1 Responsive Web Mockup Template which features the three elements (Mac, iPad, iPhone) sized 4200 x 3300

To get started, open your new mockup and double click into the smart object assigned to the iPhone. Place your art into the iPhone artwork layers (which matches the pixel size of the device perfectly), press save and click x to exit out of the artwork layer. Repeat with the iPad and Mac. You’re done!


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By: Go Media

Go Media is the team of artists and designers that started The Arsenal in 2006. We combine the artistry of illustration and the sensibility of design with a twist of entrepreneurial magic.