Halftone Brushes + Bonus Patterns for AI

Adobe Illustrator Halftone Brushes

Add depth and style to your designs and artwork with these textured Halftone Brushes and repeat patterns by Arsenal Artist Jeremy Child, AKA, The Artifex Forge!

The Adobe Illustrator Halftone Brushes supplied include:

  • Scatter Halftone – (The first 6 in the preview) They are great for a messy screen-tone look. By adjusting the settings you can change the size, scatter and rotation or even make them pressure sensitive if you have a graphics tablet..
  • Line Halftone – Perfect for a neater finish. These are basically pattern brushes but without the corner and end tiles. They distribute the screen-tones evenly along a stroke with minimal distortion.

Here’s what you get with the download:

  • 26 Adobe Illustrator Halftone Brushes
  • 10 Halftone Repeat Patterns
  • Demo file – The bird image. Use this to see how I achieved the look from the preview (CS5 to CC only).
  • Instructions.

To use the brushes simply select a brush from the tab and draw with the brush tool. The color and width can be adjusted as required.

Please note: The repeat patterns are all supplied in black but you can adjust the colors using the ‘Recolor artwork’ menu (Edit/Edit Colors/Re-color Artwork).

Take a look at the full-size preview to see the detail!

Compatible with Illustrator CS1+


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  • Download Size: 17.3 MB
  • File Type(s): AI, PDF, EPS
  • Number of Items: 26 AI brushes + 10 Halftone Repeating Patterns

By: The Artifex Forge

The Artifex Forge is run by Jeremy Child, a UK based illustrative designer who specializes in making imaginative and useful tools for Illustrator and Photoshop. With a background in illustration he often starts his designs outside the computer; using actual artistic techniques when making his digital products gives them an authentic, real-life feel.