Rolled Ink Texture Pack, Volume 1

Introducing the Rolled Ink Texture Pack: Volume 1

Want to add depth and definition to your work? Look no further than Go Media’s Arsenal for textures that never disappoint. If you’re looking for grunge, we’ve got it here, with Simon Birky Hartmann’s Rolled Ink Grunge Texture Pack, Volume 1.

These rolled ink textures were born from a desire to have a set of ink textures at hand. The noise textures have been created with black ink and rolls (one foam roll, and one rubber roll).

The type of effects obtained ranges from subtle noise to heavy smudges, and can have a variety of applications: noise pattern, background color, ink wash, rough borders, and more.

The textures have been scanned in very high resolution (5000 x 7800 pixels on average) @ 800 dpi or more.

Check out our image library to see what we love so much about the pack.

This pack has siblings you’ll definitely want to meet: Rolled Ink Texture Pack, Volume 2 and Rolled Ink Texture Pack, Volume 3.

Need some schooling about how to use this – or other – texture pack(s) with ease? You’re in luck! Simon is here to teach us! Here’s his tutorial, “How to Apply Our Rolled Ink Textures to Your Design for that Old Time Print Shop Vibe


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  • Quantity: 14 textures

By: Simon Birky Hartmann

Designer, photographer, blogger, husband. USofA, France.