Ultimate Brown Paper Texture Pack, Volume 3

Introducing the Ultimate Brown Paper Texture Pack, Volume 3

A pile of paper bags, while unassuming, is a recipe for an exciting, versatile texture pack. Each bag with it’s own special texture, grain orientation, fold and feel, the possibilities are endless.

Marketplace Artist Simon Birky Hartmann’s Ultimate Brown Paper Texture Pack, Volume 3, features 15 textures of brown paper. Each texture has its own creases, crumple patterns, and grime (stains, etc.) to add interest to your designs.

The pack has been scanned in with the following output: 5090 x 7000 pixels @ 600 dpi. 

To see what we love so much about the pack, take a peek at the preview images.

Need some schooling about how to use textures? We got your back! Follow Simon’s Texture Tutorial, “Paper Textures Tutorial: Adding Fake Folds to Your Design in a Jiffy with the Folded Paper Textures Packs

Looking for some other brown paper textures to add a sense to depth to your designs? You’re in luck! Simon has treated us to:


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By: Simon Birky Hartmann

Designer, photographer, blogger, husband. USofA, France.