Gauges Vector Pack

Adobe Illustrator Gauges Vector Pack

The Adobe Illustrator Gauges Vector Pack by Steve Knerem delivers a whopping 19 uniquely hand illustrated gauges, valves & a few random steam punk elements like a old school optometry phoropter. (We didn’t know what that crazy eye exam equipment was called either, but it looks pretty mad scientist!). Anyway, these gauges cover all the themes you might encounter. Not only do you get the steam punk inspired elements from the series, there are some classic speed racer/Japanime looking gauges as well as classic pop art ones.

Gauges is a collection of 19 original steam-punk inspired vectors assembled by guest artist Steve Knerem. Main pieces within the pack showcase Steve’s intricate line work, which reference shadows and highlights and a style reminiscent of black and white illustrations from the early 1900’s. Ideal for work that needs complex or layered imagery.

This is also the vector pack that throws in a vintage diving helmet with some gnarly pipes and gauges coming out of it. The antique brass diving helmet has really become iconic of mariner life in waterfront towns everywhere. It’s not easy to find one of those as impeccably illustrated as what Steve achieved with this one. The old brass diving helmet alone makes this vector pack well worth the money. The rest is just steam punk glory bonus!


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  • Download Size: 1.94MB
  • Quantity: 19
  • File Type(s): ZIP / AI

By: Steve Knerem

Steve Knerem is an extraordinary illustrator from Cleveland. He's known for his dark and edgy style. Mr. Knerem excels in highly detailed, yet practical pieces for graphic concept work. His light source embellishments provide depth and distinction to his work, making it pop off the page.