Motion Graphics Tutorial: The designer’s guide to motion graphics

Motion Graphics Tutorial: The Designer’s Guide to Motion Graphics
Learn 3D Modeling and Motion Graphics Tutorial With Vector Art

Pete Maric is the mastermind behind Triplet 3D. He created this motion graphics tutorial as an introduction to 3D modeling and motion graphics for the Arsenal. It’s the perfect video series to pick up to start tinkering with Cinema 4D and After Effects, and to easily turn your vectors in dynamic motion graphics. After watching through these six hours of knowledge, you’ll be able to produce work like animated brand presentations and more!

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Learn more about Pete Maric and his studio, Triplet 3D:

We are a fusion of both artistic and technically talented people that are continually driven in our passion for making artwork. Built on years of experimentation, we unleash our creative spirit to provide clients with custom-crafted, cutting-edge, and dynamic imagery. We are specialists in the multi-disciplinary arts of 3D Visualization, Animation, and Motion Graphics and work tirelessly to ensure our work captures the heart of our client’s concepts.

Based near Cleveland, Ohio, we are proud to call this city home. Our story is one of creative people that found a way to live our dreams while creating work that we care deeply about.


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By: Pete Maric

I have been working independently since 2001 in the architectural industry and recently have become interested in expanding my knowledge of 3D modeling and animation.