Design Challenge #1: The Elysium Cinema: Poster Project Results

I’m so proud to show off the results of Design Challenge #1, our Elysium Cinema Poster Project!

Though we only had a couple of participants for this first challenge, these two really brought their A-games and made us super proud. Thanks to David Salvatore Herrera and Carl Madden for participating and for rocking this project. Special thanks to David for the concept and for writing up our first brief. You’re incredible!

If you are not part of our Facebook group, you are really missing out. Members, please request an invite if you haven’t already received one by emailing Heather now. Please note, this group is only open to active Arsenal Members.

Next time! If you’re interested in participating in our next design challenge, you’re just in time! We have just released the brief. Find that here.

Now, onto the results!

David’s poster:

Carl’s posters:

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