Hey Creatives! Here are this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Workshops

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Workshops

We have carefully curated three Weapons of Mass Creation Fest workshops that we think you’ll find not only inspiring and enjoyable but also important to your careers and creative lives moving forward.

WMC Fest Workshops include:
Creative Shock: 90 minutes of hands-on creative activities to jolt you out of your everyday grind and shock you back into harnessing the creative spirit you love!
Fire Up Your Creativity: a 2-hour workshop all about the creative process aimed to help you produce more ideas faster and with less effort.
Brand You: A Branding Workshop: a 1-hour workshop focused on designing your own personal brand so that you can stand out from your peers and project your own unique value.

Space is quite limited for each workshop, so purchase your tickets today!

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A quick note on our workshops: You will not need a general admission or three-day pass to gain entry to Creative Shock or Fire Up Your Creativity, as these workshops begin before our main events. You will, however, need to leave the venue after these workshops are over. (Friday night’s events kick off at 7:45 pm) You will need a three-day pass or single day (Sunday) pass to gain entry to the Brand You: A Branding Workshop, as this workshop happens on Sunday during our scheduled activities. If you have any questions about this, please email Heather at [email protected].

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