What’s New at Go Media’s Arsenal? Ep. 10: 6.28.2016

How do you attend the midwest’s premier design conference (ours…the amazing WMC Fest) for 50% off? Heather and Bryan are chatting about that, as well as what else is new at the Arsenal, in today’s update video. 

Sorry we’ve been away, but we’ve been super busy working on Weapons of Mass Creation Fest.

Today, we’re back to discuss some of our newest products, including The Complete Halftone Collection, the Ladies Ghosted Triblend Crew Neck Mockup Pack and the Ethereal Light Rays Texture Pack. (Get ’em all with your Arsenal Membership, only $15 per month!)

Survey Link

We’re also talking about our survey. Fill it out in moments and get a $5 credit to the Arsenal!

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