Thread’s Not Dead eBook


The Definitive Guide to Starting a Clothing Line


Learn how to start a clothing line, design better t-shirts, and build a loyal fan base. You can become the next legendary t-shirt designer!

Thread’s Not Dead is the best guide to starting a clothing line. Period.

Written by Jeff Finley of Go Media, learn the secrets and strategies used by the most successful clothing brands.

This download includes:

  • .EPUB (iPad, iPhone, Ipod, Nook)
  • .MOBI (Kindle)
  • .PDF (desktops and tablets)
  • 60 MB of Bonus Files
  • Stock Vectors and Textures
  • T-Shirt Mockup Templates
  • Photoshop Actions and Brushes

Learn how to freelance design for your favorite brands or start your own clothing line. This book covers everything you need to know.

Our goal is to help you create a popular and successful clothing line. Key topics include design, freelancing, band merchandise, personal branding, marketing, sales, printing & production, retail, business strategy, and e-commerce.

The book features contributions from the people behind Threadless, Emptees, DesignByHümans, Big Cartel, I Am The Trend, Go Media, Jakprints, Glamour Kills, Paint the Stars, Cure Apparel, Fright-Rags, and more!

Topics Covered:

  • Freelancing
  • Designing for Tees
  • Design Techniques & Tutorials
  • Printing & Production
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Sales & Fulfillment
  • Going Big-Time
  • Conclusions & Next Actions
  • Case Studies & Interviews

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what's inside

How to Start and Grow your Own Clothing Company
Ever wanted to start your own clothing brand? Or even just sell your OWN merchandise with YOUR designs on them? This book makes it easy.

How to Build a Massive Following Using Social Media
Learn the secrets to creating a rabid fanbase that camps out at your retail store to buy your latest merch. Yes, you can make that happen.

Learn Design Techniques and Freelance Strategies
What makes a good design? How do I design a t-shirt for big bands like Metallica? What if I can't draw? Thread's Not Dead has the answers.

Case Studies and Interviews with the Best of the Best
Don't just take my advice, learn from some of the biggest names in the t-shirt business. Why make the same mistakes they did when you don't have to?


Jeff is an artist, designer, and entrepreneur from Austin, TX. He was a partner at Go Media for 9 years and the founder of WMC Fest.

He's been designing since 2004 and started out working with bands such as Gym Class Heroes, Mastodon, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and even Britney Spears. He has worked with dozens of indie apparel brands like Declaration, Disciple, Cure Apparel, Paint the Stars and more.

In 2009 he started Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, a design conference and music festival in Cleveland.



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By: Go Media

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