Creators. Doers. Makers. Videos Series – Episode 1: Danielle Evans

The WMC Fest Creators. Doers. Makers. Series

Our new video series highlights remarkable makers and designers that inspire and motivate us to create greatness. This week we put the spotlight on Danielle Evans. You may recognize Danielle’s work from Go Media’s annual design conference Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, where Danielle hosted a downright delicious Food and Dimensional Typography Workshop. She also slayed at this past year’s Ink Wars competition

If you’re unfamiliar, Danielle Evans, aka Marmaladebleue, is an urban Columbus, Ohio native. She derives great pleasure in walking everywhere, taking food photos on Instagram, and being ‘the cool aunt’. Her heartstrings are plucked by lettering, which she exhibits through most notably food and dimensional type. Her work is thoughtful and inventive, elevating commonplace items into extraordinary lettering. She art directs, food styles, and collaborates with personable and quirky clients to achieve authentic and approachable work for social media campaigns, editorials, and advertising.

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is presented by Cleveland web design, logo design and graphic design studio Go Media.

The Creators. Doers. Makers. Series, directed by Aaron Freeder, will be back with more videos highlighting your favorite Weapons of Mass Creation Fest artists. Continue checking back here on the ‘Zine or over at for more great features.

One comment on “Creators. Doers. Makers. Videos Series – Episode 1: Danielle Evans

  1. This is an awesome Podcast! I’m glad I watched it on the laptop instead of the ipad. And the slow-mo scenes only add to coolness!