Fractal Space Texture Pack

The contribution of our Arsenal Artists should never be understated. We’re honored to have a host of products by an extremely talented group of designers. One of our earliest contributors, Dustin Schmieding, never fails to wow us. Creator and editor of blog Valleys In the Vinyl, Dustin’s textures are stunning. But don’t take our word for it. Take a peek yourself, below.

Introducing the Fractal Space Texture Pack by Dustin Schmieding

Dustin Schmieding has created yet another unique texture pack for you to use in your designs. The Fractal Space Texture Pack contains 20 textures of what appears to be a gaseous mass, but if one were to look closely, the gas appears to be made of layers upon layers of jagged shapes. Use this to your advantage to add some aggression to your work! These could also be used to add a weird, digital eerie vibe to your pieces.


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  • Download Size: 50.2 Mb
  • Quantity: 20
  • Dimensions: 4000x2800
  • File Type(s): JPG

By: Dustin Schmieding

I am Dustin Schmieding, creator & editor of the texture resource & inspiration blog, Valleys In The Vinyl. I specialize in texture-creation, web design, HTML & CSS, as well as Wordpress theme development.