Paper Textures: the Paper Folds Texture Pack, Volume 1

Introducing the Paper Folds Texture Pack, Volume 1!

Simon Birky Hartmann’s Paper Folds Texture Pack, Volume 1, features 12 high-quality images.

Textures are a great way to improve your web and print designs quickly and easily, bringing the character and personality to your work.

What a better way to emphasize the positive than paper folds textures from your friends here at Go Media?

The pack is centered around folded and crumpled paper, from a simple vertical and horizontal folds all the way to crazy crumpled and over-folded paper.  Take a peek at our image library to check out the sharp, crisp as well as crumbled, crackling creases we love about this pack.

You’ll find the moody and mysterious paper fold textures extremely versatile, perfect for poster and album designs.

Grab these 12 textures only $9!  The textures are roughly 4740 x 6320px @ 600 dpi.

For more paper fold texture goodness, purchase Paper Folds Texture Pack, Volume 2, right here on the Arsenal.

Want to learn a little bit more about these paper folds textures, as well as how to use them?

Want to learn a little more about the textures, as well as how to use them? Check out a very special post by Simon himself on our ‘Zine, called:

In the post, Simon creates a vintage poster using his paper textures, along with the Road Hog Vector Shirt Design Pack by OKPants. The results speak for themselves, we say.


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  • Download Size: 269 MB
  • Quantity: 12 textures
  • File Type(s): jpeg

By: Simon Birky Hartmann

Designer, photographer, blogger, husband. USofA, France.