Vintage Letterpress Texture Pack Extras

Vintage Letterpress Texture Pack Extras

Go Media’s Vintage Letterpress Texture Pack Extras sampler comes from designer Brandon Herbal’s Vintage Letterpress Texture Pack available here.

  • Get the Vintage Letterpress Texture PackThese letterpress-inspired textures by Brandon Herbel create a subtle, dried-ink look, perfect for giving a painted feel to thick, blocky letters or plain backgrounds. Use these JPGs on event mailers for a hand-crafted charm, or over website images for a unique allure. Check out how Brandon uses them on this Lady Gaga shirt and Kings Road website.

We have included jpegs of the Varsity Numbers and Special Characters to round out the previously released Vintage Letterpress Texture Pack. Add them to your collection or grab these with your purchase of the texture pack. If you use these, please drop a link back to Go Media!


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