Complete Texture Set 5

What do we love more than collecting textures here at Go Media? Creating them, of course! Here is one pack we created with our own blood, sweat and tears. Please enjoy it, and show us how you used the textures here for your chance to win our monthly $50 Arsenal credit.

Complete Texture Set 5

We’re taken things up a notch in this latest texture set, which includes 200 brand new high-resolution images inside 10 unique packs: Clouds, Dust, Fabric, Fur, Lensflare, Motionblur, Paint, Paper, Photocopy, and Smoke.

Here’s a little bit about each pack:

  1. Natural Clouds Texture Pack – If our Smoke & Clouds pack had it’s own spin-off, this would be it. Included in this texture pack are 20 unique, high-resolution JPGs of natural clouds.
  2. Dust and Dirt Texture Pack – Design too clean? Time to get a little dusty! Included in this pack are 20 unique high-resolution JPEGs of dust in various stages of deliciously dirty abandon.
  3. Fabric Texture Pack – The folds and contrast of fabric continues to inspiring subjects for artists and designers alike. But you won’t just get the velvety ripples of plain cloth in this pack of 20 unique, high-resolution JPEGs. This texture pack contains burlap patches, jean rips, chiffon-like waves, and other unconventional elements to keep your layouts interesting and fresh.
  4. Fur Texture Pack – Even if fur isn’t your thing, you have to admit that it can make for an appealing element in a design piece. Inside this texture pack are 20 high-resolution JPEGs of various animal hairs and furs. Some are fake, some are real, but all are unique.
  5. Lens Flare Texture Pack – Imperfections can be contradictory, as they make something too perfect feel more genuine. Give your design a human touch with this texture pack filled with 20 unique, high-resolution JPEGs. From soft glare to conspicuous colored orbs, this pack can add an ethereal quality to your work.
  6. Motion Blur Texture Pack – Try not to get dizzy while thumbing through this texture pack of 20 unique high-resolution JPEGs. Imagine yourself spinning through cities, playgrounds, parks, and even your own living room. And now capture that kinetic energy in your next piece. With these textures, it’s all too easy to do.
  7. Abstract Paint Texture Pack – We have a sizable collection of paint textures here on the Arsenal, but none quite as abstracted as these 20 unique high-resolution JPEGs. Inside this pack, you’ll find bubbling, cracking, swirling, spreading, thinning, splotched, dripped and hatched paint textures to satisfy your changing design needs.
  8. Photocopy Texture Pack – Grainy, scratchy, bumpy, fuzzy, faded, these atmospheric states are hard to create by hand when time isn’t exactly on your side. That’s why we created this unconventional texture pack full of 20 unique, high-resolution JPEGs, each individually crafted using a photo copier.
  9. Colored Smoke Texture Pack – Using colored smoke bombs in a controlled environment, we capture this texture pack filled with 20 unique, high-resolution JPEGs. From thin and whispy vapor, to full and billowy puffs, this pack has a smokey look for every situation.
  10. Folded Paper Texture Pack – Have you ever needed an authentic paper look in a pinch? Now there’s a handy texture pack of 20 unique, high-resolution JPEGs to the rescue. This pack includes folded, crumpled, crunched, smoothed, torn, ripped, and stacked paper elements of different sizes and surfaces.
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  • Dimensions: 5184x3456
  • File Type(s): JPG

By: Go Media

Go Media is the team of artists and designers that started The Arsenal in 2006. We combine the artistry of illustration and the sensibility of design with a twist of entrepreneurial magic.