Vintage Organic Noise Texture Pack

Vintage Organic Noise Texture Pack

The vintage feel continues to dominate today’s design trends, and it’s because of that we’re back with one last pack from Mr. Herbel. Use these 10 texture JPGs to create noise in your designs, as either a background layer or mask in Photoshop. Brandon features them prominently in some of his Dribbble shots, like this one called ‘Diamond’.

If you love this Vintage Organic Noise Texture Pack, check out these other packs, also by Brandon:

  • Vintage Letterpress Ink Texture Pack, $9: These letterpress-inspired textures by Brandon Herbel create a subtle, dried-ink look, perfect for giving a painted feel to thick, blocky letters or plain backgrounds. Use these JPGs on event mailers for a hand-crafted charm, or over website images for a unique allure. Check out how Brandon uses them on thisLady Gaga shirt and Kings Road website.
  • Vintage Letterpress Slab Texture Pack, $9: This pack isn’t like the fonts you use to type emails to your girlfriend: this handset slab serif font (designed once again by the coveted Brandon Herbel) is meant to be used like a texture, giving your piece a individually-crafted quality.
  • Vintage Letterpress Texture Pack Extras, $1: We have included jpegs of the Varsity Numbers and Special Characters to round out the previously released Vintage Letterpress Texture Pack. Add them to your collection or grab these with your purchase of the texture pack. If you use these, please drop a link back to Go Media!
  • Vintage Letterpress Fonts Condensed Texture Pack, $9This condensed slab serif vintage letterpress font pack from Brandon Herbel includes 7 high-res JPGs, each skillfully finished with a dried, weathered look. Using Photoshop, cut the letters you need and create your own phrases for iconic poster or tee designs.
  • Vintage Poster Borders Texture Pack, $9Brandon Herbel’s letterpress-inspired textures are back in a big way, and this time it’s your edges that will benefit from this hand-torn look-and-feel. Use these JPGs as Photoshop masks for your artwork and get jagged borders with a vintage, dried-ink texture. 


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  • Download Size: 71 MB
  • Quantity: 10
  • Dimensions: 3888x2592
  • File Type(s): ZIP

By: Brandon Herbel

Brandon is a freelance designer based out of Omaha, Nebraska who has done work for Nike, Lady Gaga, Glamour Kills, and Go Media.