Abstract Halftones Vector Pack

Adobe Illustrator Halftone Abstract Patterns

Go Media’s Adobe Illustrator Halftone Abstract Patterns are rad. Halftone shapes are sweet enough by themselves. Apply the effect to abstract shapes and wow. Just. Wow. These may very well be the coolest halftone treatments on the planet. The look was achieved by the talented designers at Go Media going offline to hand paint using water color. The dried results were scanned at high resolution and followed up with the halftone effect to achieve this extraordinary result. These things look so amazing, I think especially when applied using a semi-transparent water color type of treatment.

The Abstract Halftones Vector Pack is an extremely versatile pack that can go into just about any design. Decorate your background with a subtle dot screen pattern or distress your artwork by overlaying one of these on top.You can achieve so many different results and they don’t take away from your artwork. Great vector textures that are only one color. Mix them with each other in different colors and opacity to give your project an organic but controlled background.

Go Media does halftone vector work so damn well. Be sure to checkout their Halftone Circle Vector Pack which is another one of our favorites. There’s also one called Tiling Halftone Vector Pack that came before and set the stage for this one. And then there’s the classic Adobe Illustrator Halftone Vector Pack that started it all.


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  • File Type(s): EPS

By: Go Media

Go Media is the team of artists and designers that started The Arsenal in 2006. We combine the artistry of illustration and the sensibility of design with a twist of entrepreneurial magic.