Halftone Circles Vector Pack

Adobe Illustrator Halftone Circles Vector Pack

Halftones are an amazing effect combining density and depth. The Adobe Illustrator Halftone Circles Vector Pack includes 15 hypnotizing shapes that will have your eyes playing tricks on you. Go Media hit it out of the park on this one.

Halftone Circles create optical illusions that will captivate your audience. You have dot patterns, spirals, lines and gradients of varying complexity. These are very versatile and can add a one color gradient to your design. Perfect for shirt designs or other spot color jobs. What’s great about vector halftones is you can scale them without losing the crisp lines. This means if you have an oversize print application where you need a strong background with a crisp color palette, few patterns hold their muster compared to a halftone. This is especially important in the screen printing realm where each color equals costs. You can give your piece the optical illusion of a smooth gradient from a distance while it is actually just a few color layers. Halftones are especially excellent for vinyl applications.

We all know circles shapes do a wonderful job as an enclosure or background to drive visual focus toward the center of your artwork. Go Media achieved very calculated spacing across the span of each circle so you have an appropriate intensity for any scale. For example, you might use a highly detailed halftone for a large application such as a billboard or automobile wrap. Conversely, a less detailed halftone can deliver the visual effect you’re looking for at smaller scales such as in a logo.

And don’t get me started on animating these!

If you’re hardcore into Adobe Illustrator halftone shapes like we are, check out the rectangle oriented halftones as well as the tiling halftones also available on the Arsenal.


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  • Download Size: 5.6 MB
  • Quantity: 15
  • File Type(s): EPS

By: Go Media

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