The Hand Drawn Lettering Elements Vector Pack: Over 30 Original Vector Elements

Introducing The Hand Drawn Lettering Elements Vector Pack by Jason Carne

Jason Carne, Arsenal Marketplace Artist and Freelance Designer, as well as great Hand Lettering talent, has done it again.

Responsible for the hugely successful tutorial “Hunters and Gatherers: Techniques from Conception to Completion,” Jason now brings us the vector pack of which lettering dreams are made.

Jason’s Hand Drawn Letting Elements Vector Pack contains over 30 Original Vector Elements including flourishes, panel ends, borders, banners and other accents most excellent for any project needing a professional, polished, personal look.

The Hand Drawn Lettering Elements Vector Pack includes:

  • Banners
  • Flourishes
  • Panel Ends
  • Borders
  • Words: Mfg., Est., The, For
  • Ampersand
  • Extra Goodies like: Arrow, Star, Heart, Lightening Bolt, etc.


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