Karambit Decorative Vector Illustration Pack


Introducing the Karambit Decorative Vector Illustration Pack by Arsenal Artist Dedda Sutanto, a freelance designer from Indonesia. This vector illustration pack is a fully completed vector design you can use for a t-shirt or poster design.

This full design is provided to you in one art board, alongside an artboard with the individual elements that make up the full design. This set, exclusive to Go Media’s Arsenal, includes 16 individual elements, plus the fully completed design.

These elements include an incredible array of intricate decorative elements including borders, crests, hooladanders, and more! The Karambit Vector Illustration Pack is brought together by two crossed Karambit knives (Southeastern curved knives) beautifully illustrated by Dedda.

Exclusive and intricative Crest, Decorative Border Vectors and More

Included in the Karambit Decorative Vector Illustration Pack:

  • 22 vector elements
  • the fully completed design

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Bonus: Smart-Object Enabled Poster Template

Use the individual vector elements to create your very own designs. Once you have done so, test them out on the poster mockup we have included in this pack. Some of you may recognize this mockup - it's from our Poster Mockup Templates Pack.


Zip download includes:

  • Karambit Vector Illustration Pack (AI file)
  • Karambit Vector Illustration Pack Preview (JPEG)
  • Mockup Poster Bonus (PSD file)


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By: Dedda Sutanto

Dedda Sutanto is a freelance designer from Indonesia. He has worked as a graphic designer since 2003 for small companies in his gorgeous town of Bandung, ID. In 2007, he began working for a t-shirt company. He finds working with vectors a challenge. Since 2013, he has worked as a freelancer in his home, supported by his wife and daughter.