Op Art Vector Pack

Op Art Vector Pack

Go Media vector packs are collections of various vector shapes you can quickly and efficiently copy and paste into your artwork or design. Completely scalable and 100% royalty free, our thousands of images are yours for the keeping. Use them as is or as a basis for wherever your imagination may take you. But don’t be greedy now! Share your work with us on our Flickr Pool Showcase and you just may win the $50 Arsenal credit we give to the artist who inspires us most! Now onto the vectors!

Introducing our Op Art Vector Pack

Op Art is a fascinating pack among the ranks of our Halftone series. The level of detail is really mind boggling! I hope you’ve been doing finger push-ups, because you’ll keep zooming, and zooming, and zooming but never reach the end of the kaleidoscopic patterns! Those with slower computers be warned – there are 12 MB of points in this pack!

You get:

  • 16 vector elements in total


Product License

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  • Download Size: 12.13 MB
  • Quantity: 16
  • File Type(s): ZIP / AI

By: Go Media

Go Media is the team of artists and designers that started The Arsenal in 2006. We combine the artistry of illustration and the sensibility of design with a twist of entrepreneurial magic.