Adobe Illustrator Tattoo Design Vector Pack

Adobe Illustrator Tattoo Design Pack

Adobe Illustrator Tattoo Design Pack includes 6 impeccable classic retro pieces from the heralded Steve Knerem. If you want professional tattoo quality vector art, look no further. Each piece is of the highest quality, starkly styled for impact and would easily fit right into a tattoo flash book. Or better yet, we’ve had customers claim they’re going to take some of these to their tattoo shop. If that’s you, we’d love to see the real thing inked!

So what do you get with the Retro Tattoo Design Vector Pack? Six downloadable vector tattoo illustrations that have stood the test of time. There’s a pirate ship vector, a great big naval anchor vector, a beautifully flourished vine and rose vector, a ribbon wrapped battle sword vector, a bird in a cloud vector… And to top it off, a bad ass quad rocket ace of spade card hand wrapped in a tattered scroll with a big rose tucked into it.

Another pendant of the rock’n’roll culture is tattoo art. Therefore, guest artist Steve Knerem designed these 6 very detailed tattoo inspired pieces. They would definitely look rad onto someone’s skin, but they can also do wonders when used as part of any of your designs.


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  • Download Size: 7.6 Mb
  • Quantity: 6
  • File Type(s): ZIP / AI

By: Steve Knerem

Steve Knerem is an extraordinary illustrator from Cleveland. He's known for his dark and edgy style. Mr. Knerem excels in highly detailed, yet practical pieces for graphic concept work. His light source embellishments provide depth and distinction to his work, making it pop off the page.