Top 10 Vector Packs of All Time Bundle

Top 10 Vector Pack Bundle

We’ve put together a bundle of the top 10 vector packs of all time – including the Abstract Halftones, Destroy Grunge, Flock of Birds, Flourishes and Hooladanders, Hand Drawn Wings, Heraldry 1, Heraldry 2, Ornate Patterns, Ornate and Tattered Scoll Banner packs – (that’s 202 vectors in total).

Bonus Vectors

But wait…there’s more!

To further up the ante, we’ve had some of our favorite artists contribute new vector elements to each of these packs (a total of 24)!

That’s a grand total of 226 vectors!

Let’s review our Vector Pack Bundle:

All in all, here’s what you get:

  • Ornate Patterns Vector Pack – 26 original, 2 new
  • Hand Drawn Wings Vector Pack – 15 original, 2 new
  • Abstract Halftones Vector Pack – 23 original, 2 new
  • Heraldry Vector Pack 2 – 26 original, 3 new
  • Ornate Vector Pack – 20 original, 2 new
  • Flourishes and Hooladanders Vector Pack – 24 original, 2 new
  • Destroy Grunge Vector Pack – 15 original, 2 new
  • Tattered Scroll Banner Vector Pack – 17 original, 5 new
  • Flock of Birds Vector Pack – 14 original, 2 new
  • Heraldry Symbols Vector Pack – 22 original, 2 new

That’s a total of 226 vectors!

Learn more about our Featured Artists: Mike Jones, Jeff Finley, William Beachy, Lenny Terenzi, and Jordan Wong

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  • Number of Items: 226 vectors

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