Mummies and Zombies Vector Pack

Mummies and Zombies Vector Pack

Marketplace Artist Steve Knerem is a favorite here around Go Media. His exceptionally, edgy design really speaks to our audience, who just happens to be exceptional and edgy as well. (Wouldn’t you say?) Here at Go Media, we love the incredible detail in his vectors, and so appreciate the way he manages to capture a texture we’ve never seen before. For a full library of Steve’s products, head here.

Introducing the Mummies and Zombies Vector Pack

Mummies and Zombies Vector Pack delivers ghoulish art for the next time the walking dead art needs to rise from the grave.

These are 8 highly detailed and scary zombies, mummies, and other un-dead things. Thanks to their realism, these will seem to crawl out of your designs! And if a zombie bite isn’t enough to scare you, be mindful of the mummy’s curse! All of these are constructed in a way that allows you to easily edit the colors of each element, or to extract some of the elements for other applications.

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By: Steve Knerem

Steve Knerem is an extraordinary illustrator from Cleveland. He's known for his dark and edgy style. Mr. Knerem excels in highly detailed, yet practical pieces for graphic concept work. His light source embellishments provide depth and distinction to his work, making it pop off the page.