T-Shirt Design Video Tutorial: Hand Illustration for T-Shirts: Part 3 of 3

Hand Illustration for T-Shirt Design Tutorial

In this 3rd and final installment of Steve Knerem’s hand illustration for t-shirt design tutorial series, we get an in-depth look at Steve’s colorizing and vectorization techniques. From the color palette choice to exploiting Illustrator’s tools to add halftone patterns, brushes, and other vector elements that bring the final design together, Steve covers them all as he progresses. That last part of the tutorial is once again laced with small yet amazingly useful tips accumulated over the years, that make the whole process easier if not a breeze.

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By: Steve Knerem

Steve Knerem is an extraordinary illustrator from Cleveland. He's known for his dark and edgy style. Mr. Knerem excels in highly detailed, yet practical pieces for graphic concept work. His light source embellishments provide depth and distinction to his work, making it pop off the page.