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Graphic Design Portfolio Tips

An outstanding online portfolio is a must for any creative. Believe us, it’s true. When popping open emails from those applying for graphic design positions here at Cleveland design studio Go Media, we’re often shocked at the number of folks who do not have an online portfolio, or have one that’s outdated or terribly underwhelming. Today, let’s all make a commitment to ourselves. It’s time to up our game because it’s so worth the time and energy. After all, it just may land you the job of your dreams, the promotion you’re deserving of, or the recognition you have been desiring. 

Quick Tips: Do’s and Don’ts >


  • Illustrate your strengths clearly and cleanly.
  • Show versatility if you’re capable.
  • Use minimal colors and fonts. Keep it simple!
  • Maintain your brand across all platforms.
  • When using case studies, start from the beginning and take us through the journey with you.
  • Also, give us a healthy dose of successes and an insider’s guide to the decisions you made along the way.
  • Tell us how you solved the problem for your client and wrap it up in a pretty bow!
  • When using testimonials, place them alongside relevant work (instead of on a separate page).
  • On your about page, show your face! We want to see who we’re dealing with!
  • Include a working email address on the site. We’ll want to contact you.
  • Do consider adding a contact form.
  • Keep your portfolio updated with new projects.


  • Don’t include any fluff.
  • Don’t stretch the truth. Instead, show us only where you really shine.
  • Don’t allow your site design to distract from your work.
  • When using case studies, don’t hesitate to give insights to challenges along the way.
  • On your about page, don’t be afraid to be a little quirky. (If you’re quirky…)
  • Don’t write a novel on your about page.
  • Don’t just throw a bunch of testimonials on a testimonials page.
  • Don’t forget to regularly check all of your links.

Inspiring Portfolios: