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Interviews with Graphic Designers: Bill Beachy

We take a moment to ask Go Media President Bill Beachy about a mistake he’s made in his business and what it taught him in the long-run.

Bill is the founder and President at Go Media Inc., where he wears many hats. He still designs, sells, illustrates and manages. Bill’s career as an entrepreneur started in middle school, when he would buy candy in bulk and sell it to his school friends for a profit. He’s had many learning experiences since then, which he’ll tell you about in his highly successful book, “Drawn to Business,” which outlines how he and other top firms built their businesses from the ground up. Interviews with Graphic Designers: Bill BeachyBill believes in being transparent with his staff and the community, so he is very open about the knowledge he’s gained and freely shares the mistakes he’s made in hopes that others learn from them.

Enjoy listening in on today’s video.

Time Out with Bill Beachy