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For anyone that creates things people see online, there has always been the topic of how to protect that work. Trying to prevent others from using it, or displaying it without your permission has led to a lot of new measures and laws. Intellectual property has been a difficult thing to keep safe. However, there are a few ways that you can protect your computer and your work from those looking to use it. You can use copyright, but if you are posting a lot of images, then this can be time consuming and expensive.

Protect Your Computer

It goes without saying that if you are a serious designer, you should make sure that your work is safe and secure. That means not only making your online work safe, but also the tools of your trade: your computer and laptop. You need to ensure that you have the latest anti-virus software downloaded so that your devices are safe from viruses and other online attacks. Storing your work in a protected folder or on a laptop that has a strong password are also things you must consider. If you are subject to an attack and you do lose any information, then you can use a company such as Secure Data Recovery professionals to restore your data and recover your missing or damaged files and restore your work.

Try Adding Watermarks

One way that companies and artists are trying to protect their online work is through watermarks. By adding a watermark to your work before you post it online, you can stop people from using it without displaying your mark. You want the watermark to be displayed prominently within your work but without spoiling what it is. Otherwise, someone might be able to crop it or take it out simply.

Disable Right-Click on Your Website

If you post a lot of images or other work on your website, it can be easy for someone to right-click on one of your images and use the save file as a function to download it. However, there are ways you can prevent this; you can add code to your website that prevents people from using right-click on your website. It will deter those who are looking for a quick photo for their project. Although it will prevent the opportunists, there are ways around it, so it is a good idea to use it with other measures such as watermarks.

Use Low-Resolution Images

Although you want people to see your work, you don’t want them to take it and use it. If you put low-resolution images on your website, then people won’t want to use them. That is especially the case if they are looking for bigger images for their projects. The only downside to this is that potential clients cannot see your work in all its glory. However, you can get around this by sending them the full resolution version on request.

By using some or these techniques, you can try to protect your work and prevent others from using it as their own.